Born in 1945 Sergio Carpani is a designer whose talent has been evident since the beginning, from the first steps alongside Marco Bellini and in the studio Gae Aulenti. During the 1970s he worked as a designer and art director for numerous companies such as Stilnovo, Saffa and Pentel. In 1972 he received the MACEF award for the Timer project. In 1973 he reached third place in the competition for the Milan Triennale poster. 

Sergio Carpani has always been linked to the history of Parafernalia, it is he who has revolutionized style.
His creative genius is responsible for writing instruments such as Revolution, Big Revolution, Rap&Roll, Tide, Woodstock, Allustock, Arial, Flirt a Admiral.
In addition, over the years, he has designed other objects such as watches, desk sets and Letter Opener for Parafernalia.